Destiny or Metamorphosis?


First of all, I’d like to apologize for abandoning this blog  for so long. And from now on, I’ll give my best to update it, just as I promissed to my dear teacher. (Mr. Oprea)

In this post I’ll challenge myself. I’ve always liked to discuss about life. More precisely, about the way we live our lives. However, I never tried to do such thing while thinking in english… Now let’s start breaking the native walls of my brain o/

Changing is a challenge.

Changing is a challenge.

Being alive… What is life? What is to be alive? What is to live? What’s the purpose of living?  Those are some questions I often ask myself.  In this post, I’ll discuss the last two ones.  According to my own beliefs, every single living being has a mission, a goal, in its existence. And everyone can determine and/or change their goals. Actually, if we determine a goal, our actual mission was to determine that goal. Nevertheless, if we decide not to choose a specific goal, our mission wasn’t that goal. The truth is that we simply do not know our missions. That’s fine, because we’re only going to discover them by living! The big problem is when people get confortable with the idea of determined missions. It easier to acknowledge that our lives are predestined than taking actions and influencing our own destiny. We can change our destinies. Just need to act for that change.

That is what I call living. To transform our own existences. But living is not just a material transformation. It is about modifying the way other things transform. Influencing the destiny. Come to think of it, that’s the universe is made of. The complex system of existence consists of infinite metamorphoses. From this point of view, we could even say that nature is a living entity. It is constantly affecting the whole earth. Let’s take  natural incidents whose consequences we are able to verify. The New Orleans catastrophe, for example. Hundreds of people lost their homes and a entire florest was pulled off the ground. Imagine how many families had to move to another place or how a brilliant person  might have died before the world acknowledged its existence. Or even the changes provoked by the U.S government response. All these situations have something unique in common: they were  caused by nature which modified the destiny of both the families and the world.

And there is more!  Those same situations will influence another ones, and this will lead to a domino effect. Now  add the transformation caused by the other living entities, and their own effects towards one another and we have the thing we call universe.

Well, I’ll continue in the next post. Thanks for reading and please leave a comment. I’ll need them to mature my ideas ^^

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Education: Think about it.

I’d like to start this post with a question. If you knew a pregnant woman whose seven children had health problems (two were blind, two were deaf and three died at an early age), would you recommend that she should abort?

[] Yes.                []No way.

Think a bit about it, then read the post. You’ll find an interesting fact at the end.

Education (Yep, the question above is not related to the post  =o)… This was the primary subject of yesterday’s english class and really made me come to think of it. We watched to a video of a Ken Robinson’s lecture (the link is at the end of the post)  in which he talks about how the current education systems are killing children’s creativity. He also states that instead of valuing their natural abilities, we’re actually desmotivating and forcing them into being a person that suits better our patterns. Hence we fail to comprehend that everyone has different ways of learning and different talents.

Another topic we discussed was the methodology for teaching in high schools. Usually, the classes are a monologue and almost every education institute evaluates its students by grades, even tough this method doesn’t assure learning. As Henrick  said, the teacher stands in front of the classroom and talks. This is quite boring isn’t it?  Having that in mind, an american school adopted a new way of education where students aren’t graded. They’re assessed according to what they’ve learnt throughout the year. The question is: Would this work here in Brazil?

My answer is, “Of course not”. Brazil’s education system nowadays is strongly influenced by the process of university entrance. We call it vestibular. Over the years, the vestibulares have been becoming more and more objective. This close the door on relative changes in the subjects. For example, a school can’t afford to reduce mathematics and chemestry classes in order to raise the arts classes due to the importance the vestibular give to each one. Actually, the art teaching is so impaired that I’d say it’s the hardest subject a teacher could teach. At my school, a student would never dare to raise his voice against a math teacher. However, they don’t mind desrespecting an art teacher. (Except my music teacher. You’d better not make him mad). Anyway, back to education, if a brazilian school banishes its grades in Brazil’s current state, we have two possibilities:

– If it’s a private one, I’m sure more than 70% of its students would leave, leading to its end.

– If it’s a public school, unless any important politician supports the idea and/or ilegal money is involved, the modification would be vetoed.

That might seem a very negative way of looking at the situation, but that’s how things are. And to change it, we must think about how it should be. And we have to work on the basis for change, like the vestibular, the educators and the society, year after year. It’s not an easy path to be followed. Nevertheless, if we take the first step today, maybe our children will be able to answer: “Absolutely!”.

——————- Post End  ——————————

Do you guys still remember my first question? Well, if you marked “no”, congratulations! You did not kill Beethoven. (I’ve heard that from a friend xD).

Farewell, and don’t forget to leave your opnions and comments. I sure will appreciate them.


The Dawn Of A New Blog =o

Greetings world!

This is going to be my new writing place where I’ll share my ideas and ideals in either english or portuguese. Furthermore, I hope this blog helps me to develop my english skills and to get in touch with other learners.

Please let me know your opnion! Any doubt or disagreements? Leave a coment o/